This is the next episode in our Covid Protocols series, where we team up with Southern Xplorer to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at what tourism businesses in South Africa are doing to get travel-ready during the Covid19 pandemic.

Our hope is that after seeing the various safety protocols in place, you’ll feel safer when you travel in or to South Africa after lockdown.

Important Note: These protocols are guidelines, drawn up by the tourism industry in South Africa. 
Covid-19 protocols are not enforceable by law.

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Airport Protocols

Based on Cape Town International Airport

When you arrive at the airport by car or taxi, you’ll notice that some of the parking parkades and entrances might be closed. There should be signage up to show you where to go.

To keep passengers and staff safe, fewer people will be allowed to enter the building. For now, only passengers will be allowed to enter the airport terminal buildings, unless you’re accompanying young or special needs passengers. If you’re at the airport to meet a passenger, you might be asked to wait outside.

When you enter the airport you’ll be screened by Port Health. You’ll have your hands sprayed with sanitiser, your temperature will be checked, and a staff member will check your travel declaration form. 

Just a tip from us: to save time, try to get a copy of the travel declaration form from the airport beforehand, and complete it before you get to the screening station.

You’ll need to wear a face mask at all times, and you’ll notice that the staff will be wearing masks or face visors too.

Throughout the airport you’ll find specialised staff members who are there to answer your questions and to make sure that the safety protocols are being followed.

You’ll see that hand sanitisers are available throughout the building, and when you wait in a queue you’ll see markers are set up for social distancing.

If seating is provided in the building, they will be set up for social distancing too.

The airport staff clean and disinfect trolleys and surfaces regularly, but if you’re concerned about touching trolleys or other surfaces, you might want to keep your own disinfecting wipes in your pocket.

Only a few of the retail shops and restaurants will be open, so for now, it’s probably better to make sure you have everything you need before you head to the airport.

Although this video only covers the airport building protocols, if you book a flight you can expect that the check-in and boarding procedures will be automated as much as possible.

You will most likely have to check-in online, scan your own boarding pass, and then make your way through the metal detectors with your hand luggage. 

The Covid protocols can take some time to go through, so we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your domestic flight, to leave enough time for all the safety checks.

Need More Info?

This video was filmed at Cape Town International Airport.

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