For the extroverted explorer, meeting new people in new places and getting lost in the crowd is all part of the excitement of travelling. Extroverts usually have no problem joining large tour groups with people they’ve never met, and a guide they don’t know. But the idea of the perfect vacation in the mind of an introverted traveller would look a little different.

While most extroverted people feel energised by their interactions with others, an introvert usually finds energy from within themselves, and prefers time alone rather than time spent with others – most of the time.

So how do you, as an introverted person, travel and explore comfortably while still getting the most out of your adventure? We’ve put together some tips to get you inspired to get out there and start exploring in your own travel style!

Choose private or self-drive tours

Group tours are not everyone’s vibe. You never know who your other tour mates will be and what kind of personalities you’ll be stuck on a bus with. For some people, this is part of the fun! If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, luckily there are other options. If it’s just you, or you and a friend travelling, you might want to consider choosing either a private/custom tour or a self drive tour. 

Private tours involve a guide, which you may or may not mind, but are usually more personalised than the larger group tours, because the guide is only catering to you instead of the needs of many. Be open with your guide if you feel the need for time alone or if you’d prefer to go to less crowded places, it’s your tour after all.

Self-drive tours allow you full control over your own tour. Usually you will rent your own car which gives you the freedom to go at your own pace, and to make as many detours and stop-offs as you want. You still have a guide, they’re just not sitting in the car with you. While keeping in touch via a messaging app, your guide-from-afar will steer you through the most beautiful parts of the country, and be available to answer questions and give advice when needed, while allowing you the independence and quiet time you crave. It’s just you (or you and your plus one) and the open road, with your music of choice and South Africa at your fingertips.

Learn to make your own space

Finding time for yourself can be a matter of learning how to be alone in a crowd. If you’re at a backpackers and it’s a bit too busy for your liking, it helps to find a quiet spot to read a book, or put your headphones on. If neither of those are an option, you could go for a walk, or sit on the beach if there’s one nearby. To be safe, if you are planning on going for a hike alone, ask your guide (or virtual guide) for any tips on staying safe in the area. 

Challenge yourself

Plan on doing something out of your comfort zone during your travels, whether it’s a casual conversation with another traveller in the communal kitchen while you make your coffee, or talking to some locals about the area they live in. You might just find that it’s easier to connect with strangers when they feel just as lost in a new place as you do.

Now go for it

We’ve created the perfect self-drive tours for travellers who prefer to be in charge of their own adventure. Our virtual guides will keep you safe and satisfied without getting in your space, so it really is possible to get out and see the world while still staying true to your nature and keeping your personal space sacred. Click here to find out more about our Hello Adventure Self Drive Tours.

If you’d prefer to book a private or custom tour, we’ve got you covered there too. Some of the tours we offer are only available as private tours (like the 3 Day Kruger Park trip from Johannesburg) but if you see a group tour that sparks your interest, chat to us about booking it as a private tour. Click here for more info on that.

We look forward to welcoming you on tour very soon! 🙂