HelloAdventure.co.za - Oudtshoorn in Spring and Summer South Africa

It’s no secret that Nick and I have a soft spot for Oudtshoorn and the Klein Karoo in general. It might be because of the crisp winter mornings, or the unique landscapes that feel like a different planet entirely, or it could even be a fondness for the oversized prehistoric-looking birds… who can say.

For many travellers and locals, the charm of Oudtshoorn lies in the history of the town and the architecture of the old buildings that draw you in when you walk down the main roads.

We spent a few days in the Oudtshoorn area at the start of spring (sometimes it’s a lot of fun just being tourists in a place that you know well), visiting the local shops and restaurants, exploring the nature walks and hiking trails on the outskirts of town, and slowing down to appreciate the magnificent sunsets.

If you haven’t yet, now’s the right time to make a plan to visit Oudtshoorn, De Rust, Prince Albert and the Little Karoo in general… the weather is perfect (you might even be lucky enough to get snow!) and the towns are still quiet after the Lockdown restrictions have started to lift and allow domestic travelling again.

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