I was waiting for the shot, camera in hand and my eye to the lens. Two, maybe five more minutes and I would have the perfect sunset scene, the best of my trip so far. The magenta rays were just starting to touch the tops of the trees and light up the river that twisted into a perfect resemblance of the map of Africa, when my tour guide shouted, “In the bus everyone, we need to get to the next stop before dinner!”
Honestly, I would’ve loved the freedom to stay and take in the view for a while longer…   

Group tours and guided tours are not for everyone – and that’s okay. Maybe you believe that true adventure doesn’t require a tour guide. Maybe you’re a lone explorer, a newlywed couple looking for a perfect private, romantic getaway in South Africa, or maybe you just like to take things as they come without a guide telling you where to be and at what time.

Many people choose to discover a country at their own pace, in their own (or rented) car, without the fluster of needing to be somewhere at any specific time. Traveling without a guide allows for a more involved, more personal type of tour where you can choose to stay a bit longer at your chosen stops and skip and change things on your itinerary as you go.

We’ve tailored our Hello Adventure self-drive tours for adventurers like you. We offer self-guided tours to suit your kind of exploration, that you can take at your own pace, while having the peace of mind in knowing that you have a virtual guide just a message away, should anything go wrong, or if you need some advice, or bookings to be made at any point along the way. 

We know the best kept secrets of the area, including sightseeing spots, trails, adventure activities, Instagram opportunities and of course all the places the locals enjoy eating at. You choose what you want do and when, and we will take care of the rest.

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