Every type of adventure sparks a series of feelings, emotions and ideas which create a unique perspective of that particular experience that I’m on. That’s why I believe that adventuring can become an addictive lifestyle, and boy it’s the right kind of addiction! I’m not just talking about the thrill seeking, dare-deviling activities which cause your body to produce an overload of adrenaline, but also the finer things like the pre-night packing which brings out the excitement and perhaps a bit of fear of the unknown as you check, then re-check all the basic necessities on the list and cram it all into one backpack. I love that pre-departure feeling, because for me, that’s where the adventure has already begun.

The bags are packed, car has been checked and the plants watered. The kids (and by that I mean the fury four-legged ones) have been dropped off at the grandparents with instructions containing only one line reading “do not over the feed!” and the goodbyes have been said.

The best part about the adventurous human nature is that each one of us has a different style of adventure. No matter what your style is; it can be anything from travelling, hiking, touring, to even just landscaping the garden (the world’s your oyster) an adventure can be found anywhere. As you might’ve guessed, my style is road-tripping. Up at 4am, in the car and onto the open road in search of the perfect sunrise spot to view with a well deserved up of coffee. Each road trip is different and although there is always a destination, time is not a factor and the routes and stops can be boundless. For me it’s about the quirky towns en route, the impromptu route change off the beaten track (just because that road looks like it leads to something different) and the sudden stops to behold a view stretching for kilometers that makes you pause for a minute to marvel at its beauty. Every time any of these road trip highlights takes place I find myself feeling inspired, happy and free. The best part is: every road trip crafts a different type, a different level of inspiration, happiness and freedom which I take note of, which I share with my “co-pilot”, to take back with me and draw from when I’m at home or in the office. I guess it’s safe to say, I’m addicted to road-tripping and totally not ashamed to admit it!

It’s the type of adventure that begins before you’ve even left the house, as you spend a questionable amount of time compiling an epic road trip playlist, changing your email settings to auto-reply while tying up loose ends, you find yourself already opening up to the wonders that the open road will offer. The magic of road tripping allows you to be the author of your own story by giving you endless possibilities to “write” about; where arriving at your destination is the bonus and even long after it’s over and you’ve returned to normal life, it lives on and becomes a legend, but not forgotten…

You don’t need to plan for months nor do you need put aside a minimum of a week for it to be classed as a road trip – and it can be done on a small budget. Just pick your destination and find the most enjoyable route.

Remember: how you find it is up to you and I wish you all the highlights that my road trip adventures have given me.